We all have our doubts, demons (real or imagined) and internal voices that we carry around with us wherever we go. Some of us manage to keep the volume so low on these voices that they never really break consciousness. Some of us turn up the volume, intentionally or otherwise; voices at weekends, in key social situations or anytime we feel a little out of our depth – on the upside, at least we have someone to talk to if we know no-one else in the room! It’s a sad fact that in some cases of mental illness, these voices can be too demanding and become destructive to ourselves and others.
Depressingly, it’s rarely the case that these internal voices and dialogues are positive in nature and intention.

When potential clients meet me for the first time, they let their demons run riot. They are full of what they are falling short at, want to improve and need to change. Obviously,  these are the reasons they have made the appointments and showed up. These demons are important instigators of change; it would just be lovely if they were balanced sometimes by the voices of their neighbouring internal superheroes. Because all my clients ARE superheroes. Often, what they see as their failings are, in another context, evidence of their superhero status. However, if you ask someone what they would like their superhero power to be, they rarely identify what they already have.

When you meet any personal trainer for the first time they will (with good intention) pry into all areas of your life and ask you a multitude of questions about your life, age, health, family, lifestyle habits (and what they may deem bad habits). You will also be asked about your goals, but often this will be presented as a pre-written menu that you choose your goal from. It is unlikely that the superhero within you will recognise itself on this list. If you find yourself in this situation make sure you define your own goal and consciously turn up the voice of your superhero, log into your key superpower and define the goal that is most important to you, in your words, through your voices and using your imagery. Make this big, bright and colourful – imagine you have already achieved it and your mind will follow suit and help you to make the right choices moving forward.

One of my clients is forever striving for more fitness and greater strength and she has the superpower of true and deep determination (her demon labels this stubbornness). Another has the superhuman ability to arrive at the studio when it often feels like she has left her body in bed. It joins the session a few minutes behind schedule, as she focuses her superpower of visualising her future self and what she wants her body to be able to do. A favourite of mine is the client who shrugs off all age stereotypes and by refusing to conform, reveals the most excellent superpower of staying young in mind, body and soul and in doing so, has the energy to do whatever he has a heart to.

It is sometimes hard, but always OK to ask for a helping hand.

There will be times when you need a virtual or physical boost.

That your superhero will need to take a vacation, perhaps at a time that does not work well for you is also part of the journey. Just know that there is absolutely IS a superhero (or two) within you and it really does have the strength to take you wherever you want to go.

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